Alpine Climbing Wish List

Alpine Climbing Wish List



The architecture or look of a line is really important to me, and often ice can add something to the look of the wall. A dry rock wall is often not very dramatic. You add ice and snow and the features stand out in greater relief and it looks much wilder.
~Jeff Lowe


I was finally able to put together a list of alpine and mountaineering projects, I am most interested in. This is a distinct list of routes of varying difficulty, altitude, technical skills and geographical locations, spread across five continents and eleven major mountain ranges; (Alps, Alaska Range, Andes, Cascade Range, Cordillera Blanca, Grampian Mountains, Himalaya, Karakorum, Rocky Mountains, Sierra Nevada and the Southern Alps). It is a lifetime wish list of climbs I am most interested in!

As I have stated before, to me climbing is about personal growth by overcoming mental and physical barriers. It is about experiencing the beauty of nature, traveling new lands, learning about cultures and meeting and learning from people, around the world. To me, this list is about learning and growth and not a list of peaks I need to bag so I can brag at the dinner table!


North Peak via North Couloir, AI2/3
Ice, Snow, Alpine, 6 pitches, 800′, Grade III
Sierra Nevada/Mono County, California
12,248 ft (3,733 m)

Mt Shasta via Cassaval Ridge (winter ascent)
Snow, Alpine, Grade III
FA: 1963, Bob Rears and Jack Davidson
Cascade Range/Siskiyou County, California
14,179 ft (4,322 m)

Mt Hood via Reed Headwall, AI3
Ice, Alpine, 2500′, Grade II
FA: Gordon Facer, Marshall Cronyn, R.J. Corruccini.
Cascade Range/Clackamas County, Oregon
Altitude: 11,239ft (3,4262 m)

North Palisade via U Notch,5.6 WI2 M1
Ice, Snow, Alpine, Grade III
Sierra Nevada/Inyo County, California
14,242 ft (4,341m)

Mt Rainier via Liberty Ridge, AI2/3
Ice, Snow, Alpine, 10500′, Grade IV
FA: Ome Daiber, Arnie Campbell and Jim Burrow – 1935
Cascade Range/Mount Rainier National Park, Washington
14,411 ft (4,392 m)

Mount Baker via North Ridge, WI2/3
Ice, Snow, Alpine, 3000′, Grade III
Cascade Range/ Whatcom County, Washington
10,781 ft (3,286 m)

Mt Athabasca via North Face, AI3/M4
Ice, Snow, Alpine, 3000′, Grade III
Canadian Rockies/ Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada
11,453 ft, (3,491 m)

Mt Andromeda via Skyladder, AI 2
Ice, Snow, Alpine, 4,450′, Grade III
Canadian Rockies/Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada
11,320 ft, (3,450 m)

Mt Morrison via Death Couloir, WI3/4
Trad, Ice, Alpine, 8 pitches, 1600′, Grade III
Sierra Nevada/Mono County, California
12,268 ft (3739 m)

Ben Nevis via Tower Ridge, Scottish IV,3
Ice, Snow, Alpine, 1,900′, Grade III
Grampian Mountains/Lochaber, Scotland, United Kingdom
4,411.18 ft, (1,344.5 m)

Alpamayso via French Direct, WI2/D+/TD
Ice, Alpine, 10 pitches, 1200′
Cordillera Blanca/ Cashapampa, Peru
19,511 ft, (5,947 m)

Aoraki/Mt Cook via East Ridge, Grade 4 (NZ system)
Ice, Snow, Alpine, 6,500′, Grade IV
FA: Dan Bryant, Lud Mahan, January 1938
Southern Alps/Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park, South Island, New Zealand
12,218 ft, (3,724 m)

Dragontail Peak via Triple Couloirs WI3, M3
Mixed, Ice, 20 pitches, 2500′, Grade IV
Cascade Range/ Chelan County, Washington
8,840 ft (2,690 m)

Mount Assiniboine – North Ridge
Trad, Alpine, 2000′, Grade II
Canadian Rockies/ Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park,British Columbia, Canada
3618m (11871ft)

Forbidden Peak – West Ridge, 5.6 Mod. Snow
Trad, Snow, Alpine, 1500′, Grade III
Cascade Range/ Skagit County, Washington
8,815 ft (2,687 m)

Mt Huntington via French Ridge, AI1-2
Snow, Alpine, 4000′, Grade IV
FA: 1964, Batkin-Bernezat-Gendre-Gicquel-Martinetti-Sarthou-Soubis-Terray
Alaska Range /Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska
12,241 ft (3,731 m)

Moose’s Tooth via Ham and Cheese,  WI4/M4
Mixed, Ice, Alpine, 10 pitches, 3000′, Grade V
FA: Jon Krakuauer / Nate Zissner
Alaska Range/Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska
10,335 ft (3,150 m)

Artesonraju via North Ridge, AI3
Ice, Alpine, 4 pitches, 3200′, Grade IV
Huascarán National Park, Peru
19,767 ft / (6,025 m)

Mt Denali via Cassin Ridge, 5.8 WI4
Ice, Alpine, Grade V
Alaska Range/Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska
20,320 ft /(6,194)

Mt Robson via Emperor Face, 5.9/AI2
FA: Cheesmond, Dick, 1981
Mount Robson Provincial Park of British Columbia, Canada
12,972 ft /(3,954 m)

Mt Kangchenjunga via North Face
Location: Himalayas/ Sikkim, India
28,169 ft/(8,586 m)

The Eiger via North Face
ED2 (G14) V-, A0, 60┬░, 1800m
Alps/ Canton of Bern, Switzerland
13,015 ft/(3,967 m)

Chopicalqui via Southwest Ridge,AI2-3
Ice, Alpine
Yungay Province, Peru
20,846 ft/(6,354 m)

Leila Peak via West Face
Karakoram/Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan
20,000 ft/(6,096 m)


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