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American Alpine Club: 20 of 20,000

American Alpine Club: 20 of 20,000

A United Community Of Competent Climbers And Healthy Climbing Landscapes
~ American Alpine Club


To read my story and that of the 19 other featured AAC members click: Here

The American Alpine Club (AAC) is 20,000 member strong and I am so proud to be one of the 20 featured members! I have been a member of the AAC for over four years now.  AAC has helped me score some of the best gear deals and gym discounts. AAC has allowed me to connect with other climbers when I have planned a climbing trip to other parts of the country. Though AAC and AAC: San Diego Chapter, I have made many friends and learned and shared a lot about all forms of climbing. The American Alpine Journal (AAJ) regularly informs me about some of the most daring ascents around the world and the Accidents in North American Climbing books reminds me what not to do in the mountains. The AAC also provides a fantastic rescue insurance. This is something that everyone who ventures in the outdoor should have! The Club works to defend wild places, develop and teach safe climbing standards and host events that welcome new climbers. There are countless benefits of being an AAC member some of them include: 


Rescue Benefits
Active AAC members receive up to $12,500 in rescue benefits.

Gear Discounts
AAC members get discounts on over 300 brands, including heavy-hitters like Patagonia, Backcountry.com, and Outdoor Research.

Lodging Discounts
Access your discounts at AAC lodging facilities and dozens of other locations in the AAC lodging network.

 AAC Publications
The American Alpine Journal and Accidents in North American Climbing are included as part of your membership each summer.

AAC Grant
Each year, the AAC gives over $100,000 toward climbing, conservation, and research grants to help you realize your climbing dreams and protect the places we love.

Magazine Discounts
Get discounts on subscriptions to Alpinist, Climbing, and Rock and Ice Magazine.

Gym Discounts
The AAC partners with gyms across the country to offer discounts at climbing gyms.

Guide Discounts
AAC members have discounts on guide services across the country.

Insurance Benefits
As a climber, finding a decent insurance package can be a challenge. The AAC has partnered with some incredible companies to provide insurance packages that are actually designed for climbers. 

Library Benefits
The Library, located in Golden, CO, provides you with all the information you could ever want on mountain culture and climbing routes. Heading on a roadtrip? Members can rent up to 10 books and five videos at a time.


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To join the American Alpine Club clickHere

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